Vanity Collection

Let's be honest, although I feel strongly about healthy natural living, I am totally intrigued by technology. I believe people can live in harmony with technology, and that technology, like any other tool, can be used to improve our lives. Living a more sedentary lifestyle can result in a lack of physical exertion and cause muscle atrophy. No longer the hunter gatherers we used to be, working in an office or spending hours and hours studying at home or in a library can rob us of the leisure time to exercise that we keep telling ourselves we'll do "someday."

      Well, while we wait for "someday," we can mechanically exercise our muscles using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS tools can stimulate and tone our muscles and keep them healthy. This type of physical therapy can reduce pain and prevent muscle atrophy. It has been shown to be effective in a matter of days. Try out the buttocks and abs stimulators in my "Vanity Collection."